Tazi Stamp & Desert Windhounds Reboot

Jess of Desert Windhounds, the forthright defender of genetic diversity and our right to breed the dogs that please us, is back, under the equally forthright title of Bitter CynoAnarchist* here, still fighting the good fight (I may steal one of her images to pontificate on later).

She also had some nice pics of tazis on Kazakh stamps (scroll down) but did not I think know that the first was Andrey Kovalenko’s Berkut, father of my Kyran and therefore grandfather to many New Mexican dogs.

From top: Kyran stamps; tazis- with- eagles stamp; Berkut & Andrey; Kyran.

*My rancher friend Lee Henderson used to call himself “A Bitter Man with a Bad Attitude”. Always wanted to steal it for a blog…

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