Two Puppies and a Baby

Puppy pick-up was last Sunday, when we met Curt and Susan Boyd in a shopping mall parking lot in Albuquerque. We couldn’t get over how much they had grown.

They did fine in a crate behind the front seat of the Explorer. They slept most of the way back to Denver. We have decided on names. The blue merle is Buck and the black tri is Cash.

On the way back north we were able to stop in Santa Fe and have a (too) short visit with Mr and Mrs Peculiar and Baby Eli. Eli loved the pups and here he is trying to pet Cash. As Nikki said about babies and puppies together, “It’s too much cuteness”!

When we got home, we introduced them to Sadie, who is still trying to figure out how all this is going to work. As they had been penned up all day, we tried to romp them around in the front hall to get them tired enough to go to sleep. Mission accomplished.


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