More old photos: shooting with Father B

This one is pure fun: with Father Anderson Bakewell SJ, shooting his latest acquisition from Champlin Arms, a scoped drilling in 16 X 16 over 7 X 57 JRS, the rimmed version of the 7 X 57, at the Magdalena range in, I think, 1988. Not quite as cool as his .416 Rigby. A Brit …

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An Older Man’s Tale

My father and his, about 1923: When the young artist returned from the war with his fancy New Mexico pointer and his already antique car, his father told him to take his rich man’s dog and car and get them out of his house. Remember that grand car? After flying those missions over Germany Joe …

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Blogger help

Anyone out there who can tell me why the new format does not reproduce paragraphs? There were supposed to be about five in the post below! Also having a bit of trouble scrolling up and down in the box you compose the post in. Any advice appreciated. I use up- to- date Firefox… UPDATE:Thanks Chas …

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Night Out: Open Range

Our social life is limited when we are busy and broke, and with two books in the air you can bet we are both! So it was a treat when Libby’s friend and former employee Linda Hausler got in touch to tell us that her and her husband Ric Steinke’s old- time cowboy band, Open …

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QOD # 1

“Taking me to a ball game is like taking a dog to the Louvre.”- Julie Zickefoose. Yeah me too…

Bear with Me

 I saw this rather amazing pic in the dead tree Denver Post this morning.  A black bear wandered on to the University of Colorado campus in Boulder and wildlife officials had to tranquilize him to remove him safely.  As you can see they put out a nice soft mat for him when he passed out …

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Catalog previews

Both Steve and Cat have new books being released this fall, so our publishers have been busy getting their catalogs ready. Steve’s book will be released in October by Lyons Press, while Cat’s will be released in September by The Countryman Press. As always, click on the image to enlarge.

Prey base decline

We’ve noticed that our western Wyoming jackrabbit population has crashed in the last few years, and that makes us wonder about cohabitating wildlife and livestock species, and what the impact will be to those animals. With so few jacks last winter, our wintering golden eagles didn’t stick around long because there was little for them …

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Weekend Pix

Apologies– I am trying to get half of the Book of Books finished by next weekend, plus have been dealing with med changes, a busy social life, travel, and gout. So will post a few light things and return soon with content I hope. Below, family in Santa Fe; Libby, Mr and Mrs Peculiar, grandson …

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Quote of the Day

“You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” Jodi Picoult