Puppy Update

The boys are doing well. Buck weighed 16 pounds and Cash weighed 14 when we picked them up in late March and they each now weigh just a shade under 30 pounds. They are making progress on the house training front, but we wish it was a little faster. They are both smart boys and are also making good progress on commands. Cash is especially bright and seems to understand what “inside”, “outside”, “front door”, and “garage” mean.  They both certainly understand what “eat” means.

Buck is turning out to be the lankiest leggiest Aussie I have every been around. With that long stride he can really cover ground.

They are both really enjoying the unfolding of their first summer (as are we) and are learning all sorts of things about cottontails, mule deer, and being dive-bombed by magpies.

2 thoughts on “Puppy Update”

  1. Reid, the update is appreciated. When will Buck make his election to be either a merle or tri color?
    Cash is looking more and more like my late, great Aussie Roscoe. Put another cat on the barbie, mate. G'day.


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