House Band

Regular readers know that Querencia’s home bar is the Golden Spur Saloon, and has been for thirty some years, since Betsy Huntington was alive, first under Steve Grayson’s management (see Q- the- book, which has scenes set there). Montana Pettis (who is not thirty yet!) is the son of present owner Darryl, also bartender and …

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New word

ZUGZWANG; German, from chess: “..a situation… in which a player cannot make a move without worsening his situation.” I think I got it from the WSJ but did not write down the source. It is a useful concept.


“”A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter is not a nice person.” (Sent by Jonathan Hanson).

More Visitors

Who but Arthur Wilderson would visit and bring obscure, beautifully- made Czech battle rifles, other military goodies, a bottle of cherry dessert wine from a Colorado winery, and friends, Nate and (female) Evan, with interests in everything from fossil cat cladistics and Darren Naish’s blog to Asian falconry and cartridges I had never heard of? …

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Study of Hunter-Gatherer Energy Expenditure

I just ran across a link describing this study this morning: Hunter-gatherers, Westerners use same amount of energy, contrary to theory “Modern lifestyles are generally quite different from those of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, a fact that some claim as the cause of the current rise in global obesity, but new results published July 25 in …

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History has no plot. It happens randomly, goes beyond human control. People plot, but things go amiss. The desire to capture the past is unquenchable but fruitless. A historian, whether of recent or long-past events, tries to tell it how it was, but the attempt is vain. Stanley Wells

Quote of the Hour

“I believe a real sense of home comes from being surrounded by the things that are essential to your life; anything that’s unessential diminishes that– and makes life less meaningful” Jake Schaefer, creator of Tumblewood Tiny Houses

A small reward

I have an irrational love for small biomorphic objects– toys, sculptures, pins, animal images from other cultures. My family knows this. Last weekend, in celebration of the imminent publication of An Eternity of Eagles, the Peculiars picked up this tiny Harpy eagle, carved from a native nut by some South Americans, at the International folk …

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