A Few Images– Fun And Teasers

Busy busy busy– winterizing, trying to get in shape, jump start big projects… so some amusements.

A properly muscled saluki by Cellini, middle 1500’s, courtesy of Sir Terence Clark. Many Asia list members have noted that he is so fit that show judges today would fault him for his muscle definition…

The Capital C Creation of the mystical capital S Saluki as slyly depicted by Jess:

Two of our favorite “salukoids”, Jutta’s Nhubia and taigan Taalai in Germany, get a YouTube:

Ron Peterson, the best gun dealer in the west and maybe in the US (certainly MY favorite, for the last 30 happy years) has a brand new website, mostly for antiques. I will have much to say about Ron, but here he is with me last week holding a very interesting gun, which may also appear here soon…

Most English boxlocks are built on the Scott spindle action; the William Richards above is, as is this nearly identically finished one, an Alexander Blair:

One more: where is this woman and what is she doing?

4 thoughts on “A Few Images– Fun And Teasers”

  1. I vote the woman in Scuba gear is in some aquarium somewhere(or an indoor pool)…..And that artwork(?) of the Salukoid–I'm sorry, but the tail curls too much, and the poor feathering are SERIOUS faults,as well. Doesn't make a damn bit of difference if this dog represents a superb hunter easily keeping a family in meat. That's NOT in the "standard", don't you know…..L.B.


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