We’ve just returned from a week in Cincinnati where we spent Thanksgiving with two of Connie’s siblings and their families. Our kids flew out from California for the holiday, too. We had a good visit and got to do some interesting things that I’ll post about. I took this picture of the Cincinnati skyline and the Ohio from my sister-in-law’s new house.

Being a California girl, this was granddaughter Bella’s first opportunity to experience the quaint Eastern custom of raking leaves in her aunt’s yard.

She also got to enjoy the fringe benefit of jumping in the leaf piles.

1 thought on “Cincinnati”

  1. The zoo in Cincinnati is among the best in the nation. I really love it.

    When I was a kid, my family made the 4 hour drive out to Cincy at least once a year.

    On the way out there, we'd drive through Appalachian Ohio and southern Ohio farm country, which actually reminds me more of the South than the Midwest– a feeling I don't get when I'm out in Columbus or up in northern Ohio.


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