Great Granddoggery

Shiri’s photos of ornithologist and falconer Octavio Cruz, artist Melanie Keithley, a friend, and at least two (or one two- headed?) great granddogs. I will let the younger folks sort out who is who other than Tavo & Melanie, but these dogs are WINNERS. On a sad note, I hear Dutch Salmon just lost a …

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Belated Xmas Pix

Chez Peculiar (Christmas eve) and as always chez Lassez at Muleshoe Ranch, where Jean- Louis showed us his numbered Mondrian (don’t ask!) Yeah, inside stuff, but you would love the conversation at either house– adventurers, photographers, naturalists and nurses and small town councilpersons, Buddhists and Orthodox and skeptics and a Mormon, a retired medical guy …

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Update (& Some Cards)

Still awaiting the return of my “real” computer and all my files but meanwhile two whimsical seasonal cards from two of my favorite talented friends: science blogger and more Darren Naish and dog in law, artist , architect, and teacher Daniela Imre (hairier pup our Shunkar):

UPDATE: Cooper’s release

    Steve and Libby releasing the haggard Cooper’s hawk that visited their pigeon loft recently.      


Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait. (“If youth only knew, if age only could.”) Suggested by Gerry & Derb almost simultaneously.

Three Thousand Posts!

Scribble, Scribble… Sometimes I feel like it too. Ages of a writer… (recent suggestions added since yesterday) Pre- Malaria: fat in Zim Writers with first books MANY years later