Great Granddoggery

Shiri’s photos of ornithologist and falconer Octavio Cruz, artist Melanie Keithley, a friend, and at least two (or one two- headed?) great granddogs. I will let the younger folks sort out who is who other than Tavo & Melanie, but these dogs are WINNERS. On a sad note, I hear Dutch Salmon just lost a fine dog in a freak accident- she broke her neck in a tumble while running. Our condolences…

Belated Xmas Pix

Chez Peculiar (Christmas eve) and as always chez Lassez at Muleshoe Ranch, where Jean- Louis showed us his numbered Mondrian (don’t ask!)

Yeah, inside stuff, but you would love the conversation at either house– adventurers, photographers, naturalists and nurses and small town councilpersons, Buddhists and Orthodox and skeptics and a Mormon, a retired medical guy who “went to school in New Haven” and Magdalena (and Santa Fe) natives and newcomers, French semi- ranchers and New England rednecks… my family & friends.

Catherine Lassez and Libby, whom I might happily call the best cooks in Socorro county…

Though after eating her desserts– and I have NO sweet tooth– I think relative newcomer Carolyn Wilson may just be a contender (with John, retired from running an Audubon refuge in Ohio and the new botany and butterfly guy, and Sarah Lassez, home from LA for the holidays)

John finds some common ground politically (?– surprising both?) with Vincent DiMarco

Dolly Dawson, town councilwoman, Mag native, & former Old- Timer’s Queen, cheeriest person I know:

Jean- Louis showing us a numbered “Mondrian” which he will now combine with fractals- I STILL don’t quite get it (the apocalyptic Hokusai pastiche behind the dinner table above is more my speed):

And Mr Eli and his new moose in Santa Fe. To all a good night!

Update (& Some Cards)

Still awaiting the return of my “real” computer and all my files but meanwhile two whimsical seasonal cards from two of my favorite talented friends: science blogger and more Darren Naish and dog in law, artist , architect, and teacher Daniela Imre (hairier pup our Shunkar):

Granddogs: The Kids are Alright

Photos from Terence Wright prove that the descendants of the late Plummer, the creaky Lashyn, and the still healthy Taik and Kyran are doing well at that rarest and oldest form of team pursuit hunting here in New Mexico:

Fubar is a perfect example of how falconry can rehabilitate a seemingly hopeless bird. Terence wrote: “The Prairie falcon is a 2010 bird that had severe bumble foot and trashed feathers when I got her [from a rescue outfit SB] in 2011… Here’s a couple of pics of how the prairie looked when I got her, she was released in this state and found starving a week later. She has proved to be the sweetest nicest prairie falcon you could wish for despite all she has been through. The plan is to hunt her all winter and release her at the end of March.”

I would have thought she might never fly again with wings like this– and her feet were worse. Congratulations to Terence, and to all my granddogs again.

Ranch Life

Jim and I had a little time to kill on our friend Pete’s ranch today when we went to pick up our rams. I thought Q readers might enjoy a quick tour. The photo above provides the setting – a western Wyoming ranch, at the foothills of the Wind River Mountains.

Livestock guardian puppies awaken from their nap, while a one-day old kid goat naps nearby.

Guardian dog body language and attitude is demonstrated at an early age. This little goat was very well guarded.

This is the bonding pen. A group of rams inhabits the pen with the adolescent guardians and teaches the young dogs to always be good to sheep.

These are six-month old Central Asian Ovcharka/Akbash pups.

The ranch uses plenty of horse power, and almost exclusively draft horse – not saddle stock. Besides being the mode of transport for the herders, these horses pull wagons and feed the cattle.

A good-looking group of gentle giants.


Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait. (“If youth only knew, if age only could.”)

Suggested by Gerry & Derb almost simultaneously.