Faulkner’s Past Isn’t Dead

Less than a week after I posted Faulkner’s famous quote from Requiem for a Nun, the NY Times uses a play on it to announce the recent discovery of some “lost” Faulkneriana that is going to auction this summer. A box found in a barn on Faulkner’s daughter’s farm near Charlottesville, Virginia contained manuscripts, letters, and a …

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Our last winter predator is an adult male Coopers hawk in beautiful plumage, and despite my admiration for his kind I hope he moves on to nest– I don’t relish keeping my pigeons in for very long. He allowed me to get even closer, but this was the best I could do; the photo is …

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Another Quote

From Sean Sexton’s Blood Writing, attributed to “Anon.”, in a small seafood restaurant in the Yucatan: Ama la vida a la frontala, porque buena y mala, sola tenemos una. (Love life and face it, because good or bad, we have only one)

Just A Reminder

Bison are bigger and stronger than you are. Believe me, they really are. And it’s a really really good idea not to annoy them. Unless your life’s ambition is to be a Darwin Award Winner. 


There comes a time in life when you realize that everything is a dream. Only those things that have been written down have any possibility of being real. That’s all that exists in the end: what’s been written down. – James Salter

Krazy Kats continued

(I just could’t continue with the K’s)…   David Petersen is a bowhunter and a good writer; I think of him as an old shaman of the antler totem, and he has just received an award from the Back Country Hunters and Anglers. Here he is with a fine bull elk. But he is not …

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Les Line

The material below got me thinking about the late great Les Line, who edited Audubon mag from 1966 to 1991. I reminisced to a younger friend: “Les Line: only genuine mag editor genius I ever knew- never met Pat Ryan– light when he weighed 250 pounds, walrus mustache, long hair, turquoise on a bolo tie– …

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What do people in the anti- gun media…

… think of us? Not much, apparently… A few quotes: “Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” asserted that gun rights advocates aren’t “normal people,” they have no “other interests,” and they are uninterested in their wives or kids…” “The Post’s Gene Weingarten in 2011 spat on the Second Amendment as “the refuge of bumpkins and …

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