My computer has just had a mental breakdown!

Apologies. Actually the blog and webs seem fine. The mail and some other things are off. I get but cannot receive mail (I get large attachments so that is not the trouble). Regular correspondents are being dumped in the spam file. And oddest of all, I can download photos from my camera, but cannot edit or open or export them– although I can see thumbnails the program insists they do not exist. I cannot export them, and while I was trying to, over 300 photos from my “art” folder suddenly dumped into IPhoto in a few seconds, and I only stopped it dumping thousands I have stored by pulling the plug! Yikes.

So apologies to the regular circle, to John M and Dr John B, and especially to Pete Humphreys, who is sending me great material on “Roaring Emma”. I’ll be back– actually I may just be able to get through on Libby’s new IPad, which I have been tardy in learning as I have been working overtime…

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