Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions. – G.K. Chesterton

Quick Visit

Steve and Libby (accompanied by Ataika and Mima) spent the night with us Sunday, stopping en route to some meetings in Laramie. Arthur Wilderson came down from Ft. Collins to join us. He unlimbered his camera and these pictures are courtesy of him. We had an enjoyable dinner and stayed up too late doing too …

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Rena’s Contributions

It’s been nearly two months since Rena tangled with wolves while protecting our sheep herd in the foothills of the southern Wind River Mountains. She has recovered nicely – no major muscle loss, but some stiffness in her hind end remains, and we suspect that won’t change. The sheep herd has moved home for the …

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Prairie Moose

Today’s Denver Post reports that a young bull moose has been roaming a subdivision in Parker (maybe 10 miles northwest of us) for the last two weeks. CPW and law enforcement are keeping an eye on him   in hopes of keeping him out of trouble. Click through  the Post link for more pictures. I really …

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Courtesy of Reid,we learn that UC Boulder has banned costumes based on Indians, cowboys, “Mexicans” and– costumes?!– white trash. Having spent time at the bar today after the week’s second funeral, I can only conclude that any image of me or my neighbors is now verboten. (Images NOT from today– we don’t take pics at …

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Mr. Half Antler

I mentioned in a post earlier this week that I had seen a buck with half his antlers broken off on one side. On closer examination it appears they weren’t broken, but grew that way.

Hunter’s Song

Kittinguharmiut Song As I recall once moreThe time I drifted outOn an off-shore windAnd believed I was in danger, I recall again my fears,Those small ones I thought so big,For all the things I hadn’t yetAccomplished in my life. Yet there is only one big thingThat truly matters:  to liveTo see the great day that …

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