Almaty Pigeons

Most readers will know that I love pigeons; some may know I am particularly interested in where domestic species come from, with emphasis on dogs and pigeons. The most pigeon – mad country I know is Turkey, which could be seen as a major source for western breeds. But the Turks say their breeds came down from the interior of Asia with the nomads.

 I was delighted when Dennis Keene, our  young scholar friend in Kazakhstan, told us he had discovered a pigeon culture there. We hope he will discover things like flight sports there, and other breeds. The first photo is him with a muffed bird; second a type I think he may encounter; third is of carriers in my loft. In the ancestral “Bagdad” type they came out of the Middle East, but it is said they too originated in Asia. I would love to find some there!

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  1. I hate it that the pigeon posts never seem to get many responses, so I'm commenting on this one! I always find pigeon keeping interesting, and think they are fascinating birds, but, I just don't have much experience with them myself for story swapping! I did keep 3 when I was a kid–two were rescued(Fred and Henry), and Fred laid an egg and hatched out Mack! So Fred became Freida! They were great fun and I enjoyed them a lot. Anyway, keep posting now and then about pigeons, even if they don't inspire much commentary!….L.B.


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