Dubious Characters…

Card game convened by Arthur, with the comment re the card sharp on the right, “But at least he ain’t no cheetah.”

I ignored this and asked where the hell one finds a stuffed cheetah. Reid pitched in: “Says the man with a cave bear hand and mammoth hair.” I ignored this.

Arthur explained, reminding me I had taken his pun too literally (or not literally enough), and had not used my eyes:

” The stuffed leopard, scotch, handgun, etc just happened to be lying around.  And I’d be a fool not to try and make some sort of tableau with materials like that, n’est ce-pas?

“Not too many people have stuffed cheetahs, I think.  They’re kind of small and skinny and don’t make really impressive trophies.  Zoological collections, I suppose.

“Now, perhaps one of those Pleistocene North American cheetahs would do.  Those were a good bit larger as I recall.  Also, since having one of those stuffed and in your house would indicate access to time travel, or at the very least highly advanced cloning technology, it would be the ne plus ultra of Thorstein Veblen’s theory of conspicuous consumption.”

That I can not top.

Three simultaneous deadlines this week, after which (somewhat) serious content may resume.


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