Bella and the Short-faced Bear

I took this picture of our granddaughter last week just outside the Page Museum at the La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles. I guess this is a bit of a teaser as I’ll have another post soon with pictures of what we saw inside the museum. I have to point out that our visit …

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Gun Quote with Examples

A bunch of 37’s and a 17 “If an ancient Athenian had to choose between an M12 and an M17-37, he would no doubt have chosen the sexier looking of the two, the Winchester.  On the other hand, an ancient Spartan would have grabbed the Remington or Ithaca and shot the Athenian while he oogled …

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Wyoming Winter

We’ve enjoyed a fairly quiet winter in western Wyoming, and are thrilled with the recent series of snowstorms and blizzards hitting our area. We’ve been in a drought so long it was somewhat a pleasure when I buried the feed truck in deep snow this morning. Even though I was sure that the snow would …

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Thesis: Sydney Vale, not a birder, called a female Sparrowhawk a ‘Goshawk’. See especially the larger female in Liam O’ Broin’s book, lower right.

Random Doggage

Bodie training, Albuquerque Nhubia’s new coat, Germany Daniela’s dynasty, Southern NM Dutch wins his own Desert hare Classic!

One more quote

M. John Fayhee: “We all eventually reach an age when we realize, to steal a line from “V for Vendetta,” that almost every change you have seen in your life is for the worse.”

Links plus

I have accumulated a few… Federico sent these wonderful reconstructions of Pleistocene “Hominins”, saying “These are by far the most compelling reconstructions of ‘ancient’ people I have ever seen — admittedly one of the two is just an old school Homo sapiens…  For whatever reason I do find both reconstructions so much more alive and …

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