Weekend Doggage

Shiri just took these photos of the ever- amazing Larissa. Can’t believe how she has blossomed since she got out from under the domination of her slightly tyrannical mother Ataika.

It also shows the skills and stamina our dogs must display to hunt successfully in this harsh country. Go Riss!

And I am starting to process many oldies too, so expect the unexpected. Here is one of Riley, whose mother was the deerhound Lepus and father the golden brindle country greyhound Diamond.  Below that are two of Floyd’s hounds.

Riley caught, single hand, the big coyote whose pelt is buried with Betsy Huntington. Notice his size beside the grey Lady and the white saluki cross “Gates”.

Photos from 1985 I think, loading up Floyd Mansell’s dog truck. I have better photos of the truck but these are good of the hounds. Click to enlarge…

7 thoughts on “Weekend Doggage”

  1. The hounds in these pics are captivating:

    –Riss, a red, graceful athlete.

    –Lady, a beautiful, eye-catching grey brindle.

    –Riley, a dark, brawny Ares, a coyote killer.

  2. That's my girl! Don't you have photo of her maternal grandmother or other family member doing the same thing, only twice as high?

    Let's see that one! 🙂

    She is a very cool dog. Thank you entrusting her with me!


  3. Those are great photos! Yes, Riley was quite the impressive dog! I have seen my Tazi boyz jump and course over rough forest terrain so far, but haven't been able to get any action photos anything near as good as these and others you've posted! A bit harder in thick forested terrain to get good clear pics. Mostly I just have photos of them lying about in the yard between runs! And of course I only have one a them old fashioned cameras with that rarest of materials inside–film!…..L.B.

  4. I put a v chip in my computer to keep my Brittany from seeing how easy it appears to jump a fence. I sure don't need her jumping our fence in the backyard. That's amazing how the first photo pooch threads the needle between top strand and the next strand.


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