More taigans from Jutta

Doesn’t the big black one look like a “psovoya” borzoi? (Russian wolfhound in the west. “Borzoi” in Russian means sighthound– we have “tasy- borzois”, “Angliskaya borzois”–  greyhounds– and so forth). UPDATE: See the whole collection here

Stunningly Stupid

… even for “Reality” TV. Paul Domski writes: “The Discovery Channel has a program called “Naked and Afraid” where they send people to exotic places with no clothes or food and watch them as make their living, what a thrill right?  Anyway a recent episode shot in Bolivia featured this A-hole apparently killing and roasting …

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From Jonathan Hanson. UPDATE: I think Dennis has the winner: “Halten Sie mein Bier und beobachten Sie diese” (Hold my beer and watch this).

“Animals make us human” (Temple Grandin)

I have a new essay, “Old Friends”, up in the “Hunting Makes Us Human” series put out by the Center for Humans and Nature. And there is a lot more to find there if you wander around a bit…


Jutta Rubesam lives in Germany and has been a constant presence here through her Nhubia and Taalai, the two talented canine dancers who often grace our Weekend Doggage. In times past she visited New Mexico and took some of my favorite photos of my own dogs. Now she has been to Kyrgizstan and the shores …

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Petrified Wood

I have been working with a local land conservancy, the Cherokee Ranch, to help them develop a research and education program for archaeology. They already have a geology program started, and the geologists invited me to go on a field visit to look at petrified wood on the ranch property a few days ago. They …

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Wolf Miscellany

I think there is an unstated human obsession with wolves, perhaps because they contain in essence both the genes of our species’ best animal friend, and the age -old simultaneous rep as humankind’s most visible enemy. Here are a few recent instances. I have always heard the some of the big Central Asian flock protection …

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Good Friday musing on lines from Yeats

You know it: Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer… The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. Fools dominate the news. Too many good people in the west support a thuggish blowhard who refuses to accept the law while apparently trying to start …

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