Jutta Rubesam lives in Germany and has been a constant presence here through her Nhubia and Taalai, the two talented canine dancers who often grace our Weekend Doggage. In times past she visited New Mexico and took some of my favorite photos of my own dogs.

Now she has been to Kyrgizstan and the shores of lake Issyk- Kul, where she shot this portfolio of the Kyrgiz herders and their hounds. I am delighted to see that they have not standardized and  still retain their physical diversity, from near- tazis to “aboriginal Afghans”.


  1. SUPERB photos! Request for a future post–one regarding the Chinese version of this "landrace" of dogs, with the distinct roman noses……L. B.

  2. In its markings and its mid-gait posture, the last photo reminds me of an English setter. Any thoughts on whether there are sight-hounds in the setter's breeding history?

  3. BirdsPa–I have never read anything specifically regarding sighthound ancestry in setters, but that is something I have thought seemed likely as well. I have been around many setters(English and Irish) that reminded me VERY MUCH of sighthounds in their temperament and mannerisms, and SPECIFICALLY were akin to SALUKI-like dogs. Certainly possible, but despite lots of reading on the subject, I've yet to find anything definitive supporting that. And it could just be one of those breeding/selection "coincidences"…..L.B.

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