We Need More Feathered Dinos

John McLoughlin was writing about them in the late SEVENTIES. Isn’t it time yet to acknowlege, preferably before the next Jurassic Park, that dinos resemble eagles and turkeys and Roadrunners more than, oh, fence lizards? Especially with all the good artists around… These last would be so good if they weren’t lizard- naked! This guy …

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Hans Windgassen, Pigeon Impressionist

The late Hans Windgassen,  Pennsylvania artist and lifetime pigeon fancier, was one of the most interesting thinkers–no, scratch that, we were all interesting thinkers!– in our pigeon rearing art and genetics group. He visited once, but we kept up a constant correspondence, and the genes of pigeons he sent– our tastes were similar– live on …

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Five inch gold- leaf bronze of an old- style Afghan by D L Engle, with a hint of Bugatti in its planes… I would own this one in a SECOND.

Serendipitous semi-random hound meeting

This is a very preliminary photo batch, as we are having dinner with Joel, and photos are not yet all in. But Dutch Salmon invited us to meet him at the Owl in San Antonio (our S A, NM not  TX) where he was picking up a young female part- Azawakh from Marya. (I hadn’t …

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Save the Dioramas!

I grew up looking at great dioramas, the magical combinations of painting and taxidermy that rose to a high art in the early twentieth century. Perhaps their highest expression is in two halls that depict the habitats and wildlife of North America and Africa in my favorite museum in the world, The American Museum of …

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Post- Apocalyptic Images

NOT Detroit. Think more maritime. Haunting, IMAO… UPDATE: My brother- in- law George, who took these, explains: “Glad you’ve enjoyed these. This is the former Naval Ammunition Annex, a WWII fabrication facility in a closed area, Wompatuck State Park, Hingham, MA. It’s been abandoned for over 40 years, the state finally has the funds to …

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Trying hard not to spend much time here but some things are too interesting to ignore. Via Prufrock I found this excellent suggestion for early education, by a poet, in the NYT. Its real effort echoes my spontaneous reply to an academic in Amherst Mass, back in the 70’s, who demanded at a party what …

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