Old photo #1

Found a hundred or so old photos. Here is Constant Commenter  John Hill, better known as “Johnny UK”, on one of his many stays here, riding the Qureshi’s Cebolla north of town.


There is no scientific anthropology here, for anthropology is not a science, no matter how much its young practitioners wish it to be. You can feed apples into a computer until the cows come home, but all you will get out of it is applesauce. I am defiantly an “eyeball anthropologist,” a man with what might be called extensive knowledge in this sad age of rampant ignorance, with an insatiable curiosity and a visceral need to know the whys of human behavior, and the propensity to form a theory out of any two pieces of data. Watch out for that. I will not lead you down a straight Yellow Brick Road, but off into the poppy fields to look at his or that apparent irrelevancy, which will lead to another irrelevancy – but we will get to the Emerald City at last.

– John Greenway, Down Among the Wild Men    

Photoblog: China, early 20th C.

A collage of sorts. Explain, improvise, interpret, or even deconstruct.

UPDATE. Everyone in comments had the idea. The elements: books on China by the American Museum’s Roy Chapman Andrews, “Indiana Jones”, before he ever got to “outer” Mongolia and its fossils, and his China host, missionary, ornithologist and big game hunter Harry Caldwell. Caldwell hunted almost entirely with Savage 99’s in .250 Savage (“250- 3000” for its hitherto unmatched velocity) and .22 Hi- Power, the obsolete cartridge shown here– he used the 250 on the local elk and shot many tigers, at least one a maneater, with it. Perhaps only the easy confidence of a man of God let him get away with that.

Other objects include Mongolian snuff bottles– snuff is still popular there, as it was back then, and a little animalier bronze of a tiger by Tiffany. Photo of me with eaglers including the late R Suleiman in Olgii on first Mongolia  trip, 1997.

At Mark’s: Gratuitous weiner dogs plus

I took a lot of photos at my friend Mark’s “new” office in a historic building here– firearms, animal specimens, and gratuitous dogs. Rather than publish  them all in one monster post, I think I will parcel them out.

Mark is a fan of bird dogs and dachshunds. He has several dachsies, plus Kena who is both (half German shorthair)…

 Dogs can be as visual as cats. They are chasing a laser dot here…

 Where’d it go?

Play fair!


A haul of our most delicious parasitic mushroom, gathered by Simon Armijo in the White Mountains of Arizona,  100 miles west and higher and wetter than ours…