Cooper’s hawks, quintessential Accipitrine stealth predators, transform themselves from hidden to active in an instant. Dan Gauss gets it here.

But how did Audubon do something nearly identical about 175 or more years ago? I will try to find but this is better a search in books than in the electrosphere, books I assume that many of you have…

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  1. last week I walked toward my chicken coop in the daylight. a cooper's hawk flew out of the open door coop and I thought my 2 hens who are setting eggs were "goners". instead, upon entering the coop what I found was a fresh mourning dove carcass.apparently the dove had been stealing chicken feed and the coopers hawk ambushed it. might be a good idea to keep the door closed in the daytime! I live in mesa, part of the phoenix sprawl, but we have a resident coopers in the barrio!


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