Random Doggage

Daniela tells us that Blaze is not coursing marmots; he is just diving off a steep slope– an arroyo?– in hot pursuit…


  1. Oh, I don't know…

    My Uhlan certainly courses groundhogs. The buried electric dogfence gives the prey a border of refuge, and the contest seems pretty evenly balanced.

    When I open the cabin door, up on the small rise, the tazi "stands on" for a moment, like a hawk, trying to spot a deer or groundhog in his front-field domain, before launching like a rocket.

  2. Don't we know it– our Irbis was laid up for months after his compound fracture, which he got running down the side of one and possibly getting his foot in a hole.

    But if a dog KNOWS the arroyo (or other obstacle) they can use them to launch some incredible acrobatics.

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