A Quote or Three; Writing Life

“Poverty taught me not to worry about money.”–Michael Caine.

Tom McIntyre to Jameson Parker on the normal novel in the US:

“They’re all written by middleclass kids from nice middleclass suburbs who went to good schools and good colleges, and then on to the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, and then moved to Brooklyn where they all write about the terrible trials and tribulations and pressures and neuroses of growing up in nice middleclass suburbs and going to good schools and good colleges and on to the Iowa Writer’s Workshop and then moving to Brooklyn where they write…”

Writing advice from Tim Powers:
“And you need to remember that first draft work is supposed to be pedestrian and lifeless and stupid, and so if you write thirty or forty pages of first draft and you read it and find that it is in fact pedestrian and lifeless and stupid, you’ve got to tell yourself, good, we’re right on track, this is how it’s supposed to be. This leads to a finished book, which will ideally be good. This is one of the necessary steps. Rewriting and revision will make it, we hope, lively and interesting and suspenseful.”

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