The Santa Lampoon

I just ran across this, and am very sorry I didn’t find it closer to Christmas. I will have to leave myself a note to post it in December to add to the spirit of the Christmas season.


“The compact between writing and walking is almost as old as literature–a walk is only a step away from a story, and every path tells.” Rob Macfarlane, in The Old Ways ; sent by Guy Boyd. As Bruce Chatwin quoted, from St Jerome I think, Solvitur ambulando. Would that I could still walk the way …

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ISIS hates pigeons

Yes, I know; first Patrick, then others, sent me the news that ISIS is now executing pigeon fanciers, some teenagers. I did predict it a few pages ago. Long ago, I concluded that tyrants tend to get rid of pigeons. Not only are they a primitive form of clandestine, encrypted conversation; watching at them fly …

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Image, found

Carlos Martinez del Rio’s photo of a “Magpie print”,  in new snow in Wyoming…

Images, painted

A new Thomas Quinn (see J P Parker’s perceptive article in Ranch and Riata)… And an old favorite Russell  Chatham oil (favorite of both Reid Farmer’s and mine), in the Denver Museum, an almost abstract painting of a favorite place on his grandfather Gottardo Piazzoni’s ranch in Big Sur, titled “No Place for Disdain”:  


Serious stuff, really. Jonathan Katz at Bedlam Farm Journal has been carrying a pretty heavy load by being the point man on the controversy, almost entirely fabricated by those who know nothing about animals, over banning the Central Park carriage horses. (If animals needed psychologists, those horses would be happy; as Freud knew, love and …

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Not Even Wrong

“Not even wrong” is a phrase you hear  a lot if you hang out with scientists; it came up constantly last week in conversations with Arthur Wilderson and gunblogger- writer  Nate Fitch (photo below). I think I first heard it when I hung out at MIT — no, I never studied there, just hung out, …

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“Promoting novels in a soundbite culture is like selling elephants from a gumball machine.” Barbara Kingsolver