Catherine and Jean Louis Lassez are back in the states, and Catherine is back at Muleshoe Ranch, after being right in the middle of the Himalayan earthquake. Much to be said, much of it serious and some harrowing, but the trip was not without its whimsical moments…

UPDATE: English bird and nature writer Conor Jameson, friend of the blog and author of Looking for the Goshawk, now available at English Amazon in pb, was over there for four weeks before the quake, working for the RSPB. He has written a guest post on their blog, suggesting ways to help and ending with these original thoughts, which I think both the Lassez and Libby, who has been going there even longer, would agree on:

“We can also help, in the longer term, by considering a visit to the
country, when it is back on its feet. I hope if you do that you find
time to get a little bit off the beaten tourist track and visit projects
like ours, working with communities to sustain the sublime natural
environment of this brave, spirited country, embodied in the reputation
of its religious figures, mountain guides and Gurkha regiments which
have done so much for us. Nepal and its people hold a deserved place in
the world’s affections

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  1. Well, yeah, we need to hear the story behind this photo! A Tibetan "mastiff", I presume? What the heck is it wearing?…L.B.


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