Weekend Doggage

Daniel, with his new Civil War beard, trains one of his astonishingly beautiful pointers, art married to genes… look at that tail!

Stil another quote

From Carlos Martinez  del Rio, a man with a serious library, a quote from Giacomo Leopardi, “… a wonderful Italian poet of the early 19th century” : “Works of  ‘literary’ genius have the intrinsic quality, that even when they capture exactly the nothingness of things, or vividly reveal and make us feel life’s inevitable unhappiness, …

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A Recent Find

Earlier in the month, I volunteered to help the Colorado State University field school when they conducted an excavation at a nearby site here in Douglas County. It’s common for archaeology field schools to take their students to archaeological sites other than the one they are working on to broaden their exposure to other site …

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Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts. – Richard Feynman

Raptor vs Rex

Moro Rogers has a delightful new serial webcomic, featuring the adventures of a (properly feathered) “Raptor”*. * Mark Witton will explain why “Raptor” is a dumb common term for Dromaeosaurs. Not Moro’s fault– she knows Dinos– just pop culture’s.

Two Videos for your weekend pleasure

And to end the week with something more than the exploits of idiots. Both from the same shop at the Beeb, the one that gave you Goshawks flying in slow motion through holes in a wall; the first via Lucas Machias. I have seen the second and it goes well here.

Carriage Horses Redux, and a Win…

Another essential dispatch from Jon Katz at Bedlam Farm. “No one really knows how many millions of dollars NY Class, PETA, and a coalition of animal rights groups have spent trying to mobilize public support for the carriage horse ban and bullying the members of the City Council to pass the mayor’s carriage horse ban… …

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Curs On Coyotes

We parked the truck under the crest of the ridge and the two yellow female curs jumped from the cab to the ground, sniffing around unconcernedly for ground squirrels. Jeff quietly called the dogs back to the truck so he could snap electronic collars onto their necks. The girls remained quiet and seemed calm, but …

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One More Link

Best Product Description: “Icelandic Beer Made From Smoked Whale Testicles”. Really. “We started last year with our first whale beer, Hvalur 1. The health department didn’t want us to produce it at first, but we were allowed to. The beer used whale meal as an ingredient, and it was something new for Iceland. It sold …

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Links II: Three videos

What would you do if a a wolverine dug you out of a snowbank? A rescue wolverine? The only person I know who survived an avalanche (I know a few who were killed) was my late father- in- law, Libby’s dad Ken Adam. I would have loved to ask him that question… Who says sea …

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