The Hounds

The book is done, at 44,000- plus words– I like it, very much, and hope not to have to rewrite it. As it is a very personal book it may seem quirky to some, but I hope the editors can use their judgment and let it stand, more or less as is, with its melancholy and occasional obsessiveness…

My first page has a frontispeiece, of mad Riss and silly Tavi and stout old Ghaddi dancing, and an epigram– THE epigram- from Federico Calboli, which somehow sets the mood for the whole book, for me. Other photos will simply have a separate folder, but I thought that the mysterious hounds, dancing in black and white, deserved a special place of their own. Let us see if I can reproduce the effect here…


  1. What-tha? 40-frikkin' thousand words? I couldn't even SPEAK that many words if I tried in that amount of time! So, has this secret guvmint operation given you super powers or something? Regardless, I am looking so forward to this book! Hope the dang editors don't mess with it–how many great stories/expressions have been lost forever because of nit-picky editors more concerned with the moron general public? Probably about 40-frikkin' thousand or so……L.B.

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