New England Woodcock

I have been saving this for Fall. Nobody in the west knows, or at least believes, how thick the Woodcock (and Ruffed grouse) cover is in the east. This is EXACTLY right; it breeds snap shooters like me, who fire too soon out here, “throwing away” our first shots…

And they are often small, and close in. “Don’t shoot the house…” I was ultimately warned off with a threat of the police the last time I tried to shoot in my old coverts in Easton, MA.

 Far Away and Long Ago, in the coverts mentioned above; me with Parker 16 and woodcock, ca 1978.

2 thoughts on “New England Woodcock”

  1. Love that video! Great sequence, complete with snappy retrieve. Do wonder what the man's friend was thinking right after he advises her to take of the safety…. I know what my wife would be thinking.


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