Chinese Menu

This honestly looks like the best bad Chinese menu I have seen in a while. I am completely hung up in deciding between Pure speculation Meat and Pure belly Clearance. h/t The Corner

Number 4000 approaches

This is blog post # 3970. It is hard to believe, but  Q the Blog, started very tentatively in  June of 2006 with the help of Matt Mullenix, has now contained more words, and had more readers,  than any of my books. Several times I almost gave it up, but somehow, the appreciation of  friends …

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Pigeon Romance

Jack sent this panel from the estimable Bird and Moon, who previously gave us the movie raptors taking off their lizard costumes in relief, to show their  feathers underneath.

The January Hills…

and their denizens. Federico Calbolli sent me this video of a hunting fisher in Canada.  It is a great hunting scene– watch how she overcomes the hare -pure speed and focused audacity! Here is the video, and text: They are splendid but slightly scary creatures. Long ago I lived in western Mass, in a drafty …

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