Indian Vultures

I wrote soberly on the Indian Vulture crisis years ago in the Atlantic. They continued to decline; nobody gives a damn about serious whiny articles. Today, my friend Jemima “Mima” Parry Jones, daughter of the grand old falconer Philip Glasier, sent me this YouTube piece of pro- vulture propaganda, and I am envious- it will …

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New Poems from Tim Murphy

To Stephen Bodio I dreamed I was striding beside your horse,         dogs coursing in the mist,         the falcon on your fist husbanding her inconceivable force. Shahin, hoping that we were hunting quail,         spiraled aloft to hover         as we quartered her cover. Over the brush we saw a single sail, then broke …

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Silliest and most engaging hawk we have ever had. Courts Libby continually. She is making a nest of shredded Wall St Journals behind her perch, which she tres to lure Libby into. Bathes in a cooking pot… We have heard that baby Aplos are the only falcons with dark down. Her (more or less constant, …

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A Small film of Helen

In which she says nice things about me. It is very pretty,  too… For real substance, read this Sierra Club interview. I have a million ideas starting up just from reading it… Helen, I need to pick your brain!


I have, to my mild shock, been elected unanimously to the post of Grand Marshall for the Magdalena Old Timers’ Parade. That means I lead the parade, folks; sadly, the herd of half- wild Corriente cattle they used to drive through town ahead of it has gone the way of the street dance in the …

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Raymond Scully checked in to tell me he was doing the reading for the Audible Edition’s version of Hounds. I was delighted, because Raymond had previously read for Eagle Dreams, and had done an incredible job. He studies the manuscript minutely, and asks me about any pronunciation he has doubts about. This time, he sent …

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It’s a book!

The Hounds of Heaven is a book, though I have not seen it yet… Good thoughts and prayers for George please, who is in a critical point of his chemo.Get better and get out here!