John Craighead is 100

 And he doesn’t look much older than he did when Libby and I attended his and his late twin  brother Frank’s 80th birthday party at Moose, Wyoming 20 years ago. (fuzzy photo from invitation) We actually had separate invitations- Libby had babysat the now middle- aged kids of both, and I had long ago written …

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Mountain Counts

A range flock of domestic sheep exits the mountains in the southern Wind River Range of western Wyoming. Before the flock begins its slow movement to lower elevations, herders needed a head count. But how do you count thousands of sheep with only two men? It’s fairly simple. Range sheep have strong flocking instincts, and …

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The Wild Rumpus

We know well that having a  puppy and a new bird may be FUN, but not easy. For Phil and Kerri (and Lane):

A Poem for the New Dogs

Margory Cohen sent this, by the late, great, and much- missed Vicki Hearne: The New Hound Puppy Now it is time for her name – Start the call.  The time may comeFor her job, which is to runHoles in the palpable wind Hallowed by world and the worldWill collapse, follow this houndThrough meteoric  valleys. Wolf-shag …

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