Lever Gun Legacy

People from cities who hunt once a year think they must have he latest flat- shooting magnum to achieve success. So, often they miss because of an unexpected flinch, or end up destroying meat. Third gen ranchers like Miles City’s John L Moore (well, that is the nearest TOWN) know better:

“My dad was a phenomenal shot with the old .30-30 that was in the Krutt shack when he bought this place. My Uncle Dan told me he could shoot the heads of ducks swimming out in the middle of a reservoir. When I was 10-years-old I got an Ithaca Model 49 saddle gun, a single-shot .22 falling block with a scabbard. I thought it was the greatest present ever. Joe and Jeff Peila were at that birthday present and wow, was Jeff ever mad and jealous about that! Now, more than 54 years later, grandkids David and Selah gave it a try. Don’t miss the classic photo of my dad with an antelope…”

Here it is, John:

And the kids:

John is also a lay preacher with a sense of humor- a rare breed in my neighborhoods.He once sent me this:

UPDATE: John reminds me that Midnight, the fine horse documentary he was involved with, is available on Amazon here. It is getting five stars from everyone…

3 thoughts on “Lever Gun Legacy”

  1. Levers rule! Took my son-in-law to the range with my Model 94 in .30-30 a couple weeks ago; he fell in love and is currently romancing a particular Henry he knows about. My Savage 99 in .250-3000 is my "big gun", and on the other end is a Stevens Crack Shot .22 falling block; I'd been wanting a Favorite but stumbled on the #26 a few months back and couldn't walk away. Nice pics by the way…

  2. My "second" and woods rifle, actually the LAST centerfire rifle I would sell, is a 99 Savage takedown in .30- 30. (The other no- go rifle is a Czch Mauser .22; I would sell the Mannlicher- Schonauer before either!)


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