Wolf hunt with Berkut

Absolutely the best movie of hunting with eagles in Olgii I have ever seen. This is exactly how it is.. And it is the first time that filmmakers have caught an actual successful hunt for a wolf with eagles. All the others are “bagged”, and I can’t watch them.

This is also exactly where we hunted for two seasons. It makes me ache with nostalgia for Kazakh music, long cold days, and feasts of mutton and vodka.

4 thoughts on “Wolf hunt with Berkut”

  1. Great footage. This culture and tradition is to be treasured.

    I wonder, though, if any sophisticated eagle falconers from the west have visited them and shown them their techniques. Their level of falconry appears to be basic and they are hardly exploiting the potential of their birds. Riding to the top of a mountain to release their eagles is really quite silly when the birds are perfectly capable of mounting to pepper-speck heights in the sky on their own.

    Of course they have no telemetry…



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