Introducing Patricia Cooper

As some of you know, I virtually cannot type anymore. But I have many books to write yet (Yojimbo: “I can’t die yet– I have too many people left to kill!”) and Libby can’t  easily take dictation, partly  because she can’t hear my hoarse Parkinson’s voice, and partially because by evening she is exhausted and …

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Lane Kleppen, who grew up on Montana’s bleak and beautiful Hi- line, (his older stay- at- home brother  Trent sends us wonderful photos from there, another friend who was born at Fort Peck has written the definitive book on it, Corb Lund the definitive song (scroll down), and still another friend, John Carlson of Prairie …

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“Great Planet”

 John McLoughlin, the sage and hermit of Talpa and the least known paleoartist who helped discover the birdlike nature of Dinos, sent me the following: “Wild radioactive boars contaminated by the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant six years ago are now roaming northern Japan by the hundreds, rampaging through crops and occasionally attacking humans. …

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New Gorbatov

Anne Price of the REF</> has just sent a link to an enormous bunch of recent work by Vadim Gorbatov</>. Seems like he is doing a lot of urban wildlife lately… (and no, I don’t know why that extra code shows)

Freud’s Hounds & People

A peceptive Jenny French noticed that Stefan’s pic of me and the girls ersembled Clement Freud’s late dog and person pics.She was right:


Taik liked the clinic trip better than we did..