If you were to have three English Shotguns

.. you know, if you HAD to…

You could do worse than these three:

Or if it came to two:

Top: Frederick Scott  12 bore SLE proofed for heavy loads, but weighs only 6 1/4 lbs

16 bore Cogswell & Harrison from London, 30″ Damascus barrels. 6 lbs

.410 Thomas Turner with 26″ barrels, again modern proof for loads I wont use, 15″ stock! 4 lbs even.

All have exactly the same proportioms of stock, though the Cog needs a leather- covered pad to bring it up to length.


Thanks to Ron Peterson, John Besse, Gerry Cox, and Tom Qunn, among others.

Above: Gerry, John, Scott; Magdalena; Scott Locks

   UPDATE:Tom, you don’t usually find these on Gunbroker  (maybe from GI); you ind them from friends, whether dealers (like Ron Peterson) or no.t You also need a good gunsmith on standby.

2 thoughts on “If you were to have three English Shotguns”

  1. Love the little 16 G Coggie! perfect barrel length – Very similar to my 20 G plain actioned, box lock ej. version – If anything , rather too light for me with 27 1/2 in barrels !- Quick to rise to target, but somewhat unsteady, and hence inconsistent?!!
    The 20G Damon Petrick U/O, with extra set of 29 1/2 in. 3 in steel proof, Teague choked barrels,is now No 1 choice for all my Game Shooting (Except geese!).



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