Paul’s cane

Paul Schmolke is one of my oldest friends in Albuquerque, where he worked st Ron Peterson’s when I first met him. He is a gunmaker, a poet, and a student of Zen Buddhism, which combination made him a natural for our “circle”. In the photo above he is examining a big- frame Parker in our
motel room in Santa Fe, while his wife and childhood sweetheart Lynne talks about something OTHER than guns behind.

I was up to Alb lasrt week for an oil change  and tuneup last week. and met the Schmolkes and Paul Domski for lunch at the usual Chinese hipster place for lunch.Paul handed me this stout cane he had just made, more weapon than walking stick, like something out of Game of Thrones. It is hickory and a little bit shorter than my current regular, though stouter. It it is suitable for taking down dark streets.
Here it stands in front of he upright computer desk I write this on, given to me by novelist tBrad Waatson– two of the many reasons I always say ….. (see “Labels” )

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  1. I discovered a discipline called "Caneja" Which teaches the use of a cane in self defense…Combined with Tai Chi it makes for fun and practical exercise. I have sorta taken up Tai Chi to help my balance, older folks (I am 81) need a lil help sometimes.


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