“The Blood of the Eastern Dragon!” That is how Vladimir Shakula, Russian Kazakh, former soldier, hound breeder admnisrator, scientist and alleged war criminal, described the Kyrgiz Taigan.

Shakula with Himalayan Snowcock.

Now Lane Bellman has bred the first US litter in NM

My pick!

2 thoughts on “Taigans!”

  1. Stephen, I am in Los Lunas picking up my puppy from the litter (a very nice, uniform and confident group of young-uns from what I've seen so far) And I would consider it a missed opportunity if I didn't take advantage of my time here to at least stop by and shake your hand, having I've admired your writings for some time now.
    Western Skies Inn 505-865-0001 Rm 118

    Kind Regards,

  2. Really enjoyed lunch and the conversation. Talking dogs and climbing (a frustrated ectomorph in a MEGA endomorph body, I've always watched climbers with no small amount of envy) I will keep you updated on your pup and look forward to trying her and her sister on Land of Enchantment bunnies in the not too distant future! Maybe I can finagle a night in the haunted guest room

    Thank you again!


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