More; toward a history of Modern Sporting Literature….

STILL more Updates! (SPORT, Steve’s definition, actually used in The (Cambridge) Real Paper back then, for the game dinner to be known as “Bodio kills it, Nadeau cooks it.” “Sport: I agree with the Ewdardian Brits.”Sport” takes place upon or after animals. Anything that uses balls is a GAME!”) This would be after West Cambridge, …

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History 101

Ok, this is going to be long– many posts, not necessarily consecutive. Tell me to stop this “series” if it is boring. My old editor at Gray’s, Reed Austin, is stitched deeply into the sporting tradition of our times — his grandfather AND his commitment to making good prose (his grandfather Francis Reed “Frannie” Austin …

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Arthur photos Magdalena

There will be more I hope, soon. Arthur & Pueblo Ruins Miss BoBo UPDATE;just in: Oliver and BoBo Taik John’s Ches pup Andy As usual, the captions are utterly out of place– they havent worked since Blogger became all HTML rather than showing photos. Anyone up to help?

Canine Joke

From Annie D., the Queen of Zoo Alumnae. EXACTLY Bo’s reaction:

Eastern “Coyotes” & Wilderness

Zoo Paul McCormack sent us this article on the “eastern Coyote”. I replied; “Two versions of this: “One is the conventional, presented here: E Coyotes are a product of modern breeding between wolves and Coyotes who got here after humans altered the landscape. “Two: They are a coyote x wolf hybrid like the red wolf …

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Wild Poem

From a wild poet friend, Tim Murphy, as he fights his cancer battle… The Four H’s Again for Steve Bodio Last night I dreamed I flew an eagle-owl, her wing span just six feet, the talons of her feet clutching my fist, horned ears above her cowl. We hunted high, hard scrabble Kazakhstan, my barrel-chested …

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LIfe and all that

Here are some of the things that have happened in the last two weeks: Finally, we got an appointment with Dr. Jill Marjama-Lyons, a new neurologist, who came highly recommended. When we got in — she has a long waiting list — she mentioned, as we suspected, that one of the electrodes was in the …

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Interesting possibility

In all likelihood there may well be a real change ( for the better!) in my condition, even another operation! Not prepared to say more yet. Keep me in yr thoughts and prayers…