How we raise babies

This 7/8 Gyr was the last we raised our own way. He was perfect, and probably would be with us still. But a supposedly experienced falconer, a biologist, begged us to let him “start” the bird on game. In a week he fed it a bridge pigeon and killed it– but he didn’t tell us …

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John’s new shop

With a 16 foot bench and lathe, among other things. Full service amateur non profit custom gun shop.


Including ones to keep Bo in… And the garden about to begin (after a 2 year hiatus). Hawk housing rear.

For Kristy

My pigeon looks just like your pigeon. And: rebuilding to come!


No one doubts that Sam Beckett was among the greatest playwrights of our time. Tom Mcintyre compares him to Shakespeare. He was Anglo- Irish and went to Trinity College in Dublin but lived in Paris nearly all his life, where he was a hero of the Resistance. He had one of the all- time great …

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