Why I need th is brønze baby falcon by Peregrine O’Gormley at the Peters:

Great News!

Two days ago, Lauren defended her thesis and is now DOCTOR Lauren McGough. Now some well deserved rest, with eagle… Here she is on her first trip, st seventen (sixteen?) with the late Aralbai… All our love and congratulations!

Alive and Kicking

Contrary to rumors, I’m doing pretty well. I’ve had some trouble with the drugs but I’m still advancing to a second operation. Meanwhile, I have three books ready to go in quick succession. The first is my “legendary”– I know, I know, but it has been nearly finished and read by friends in “Samizdat” for …

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Perfect Day?

“The most appealing daily schedule I know is that of a turn-of-the-century Danish aristocrat. He got up at four and set out on foot to hunt black grouse, woodcock, and snipe. At eleven he met his friends, who had also been out hunting alone all morning. They converged ‘at one of these babbling brooks,’ he …

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Ain’t Dead Yet 2

!! Have been busy, broke, aNd sufferjng everything from wrong meds to (found, never fear; guess WHO? )lost dogs, to Libby’s becoming, I hope extremely temporarily , a non walking casualty; finally, idiotically, attempting TWO hawks. Nobody could say my life has been boring… More regular blogging will resume soon. Meanwhile a few images and …

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