Bitter Man with a bad Atttude

I have done virtually all my hunting on my rancher friend Lee Henderson’s land for years. He one of the funniest people i know, if you appreciate dark and cynical humor. A supervisor at one of his very rare off- ranch jobs once called him “a bitter man with a bad attitude.” We were both …

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One of the most interesting discoveries I made in Provence years ago was how close their language and culture was to that of my grandparents. Not only is my grandparents’ “patois”– their word– virtually identical to Provencal French- “ing “and “ung”´endings (wine is Ving and bread pung” {this is true to an extent in Medeieval …

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Nice Darwin Finch tat: Not as nice as Lauren’s though

Silly Bird

The Aplo Tri- bryd is still ridiculous and still brainless but he is TRYING, and not squawking so much. Working him high, VERY high, is the key. Fire chief Mike Bisbee (who is married to my distant cousin Nina McCabe, and hails from NY) took these good pics the other day.

The Blog

Many people think I have lost interest in the blog, or that I am too sick to keep it up, or that there is no longer anything to say. NONE OF THESE THINGS IS TRUE! The fact is that my blog host has become increasingly hard to use, comments are no longer enabled, and most …

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