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Many people think I have lost interest in the blog, or that I am too sick to keep it up, or that there is no longer anything to say.


The fact is that my blog host has become increasingly hard to use, comments are no longer enabled, and most of the archives are inaccessible.

So, soon, with the help of my editor, friend, publisher (of my forthcoming novel Tiger Country ) Karen Myers, I am moving to a new blog, with EVERYTHING included.It will probably be called “Notes from Tiger Country”– which is, of course, Querencia Country.

Please be patient-it will take some time, and there will be plenty of notice…

And why TC? Perhaps this will help…

You ever meet my karate instructor? He doesn’t talk much. He’s a big
Korean, probably about sixty-five, and still moves like a cat. His body
looks like it was built with an axe out of hardwood, and his face is like a
granite boulder. He has about as much hair as a bowling ball. We were
driving from Silver City to a ranch in northern Catron County that day
and stopped at the Aldo Leopold Overlook to stretch our legs and see
the country. We went back to the truck for the binoculars and spent a
long time looking over the land, glassing it carefully. Finally he said to
me “You got tigers up there?”
“No, Sir”, I said. “Lots of deer and more elk, and we got more
antelope than anyplace but Wyoming. Little bears that go up trees, and
we used to have big bears that won’t. We have a thing they call a lion,
but it isn’t really, and a rare thing called a jaguar–it’s more like a leopard.
We used to have big wolves. What we don’t have is a tiger–never had
and never will.”
He spat at the ground, looked me in the eye like I was a little slow ,
and growled, “Looks like tiger country to me.”

2 thoughts on “The Blog”

  1. "Tiger Country" just arrived. Reading starts tonight. Steve, your photo on the back dust jacket look like you're holding a grenade and pondering whether to pull the pin.

    All the best,


  2. Steve, (A voice from the past.) Saw your latest in Grey’s and ran into Tiger Country which I will order. It’s been a long time since we came flying down Mt. Tom (?). While I’m still officially an Alaskan we’re slowly transitioning to NE Washington where we’ve been wintering as “snowbirds” for the past ten years. Your novels title caught my eye-I have a hobby “catching” cougars on my trail cams. A form of “catch and release”.


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