Mark Henry Bodio 1952 – 2019

My difficult brother, Mark, died in the St. Croix, in the islands that he loved last week. He died alone of lung cancer, emphysema, and general organ failure, and I expect in excruciating pain after refusing any palliative treatment or a move off the island which would have given him more time. He systematically cut …

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Tom Kelly

1926 – 2019 We buried Tom Kelly today, 100 yards from the house he was born in and lived jn for 93 years, It is a good spot overlooking the well-watered canyon bottom, with a view of the peregrine nest which has been there since time before mind (Vadim Gorbatov painted it once.) Frank Hibben, …

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Pictures of what Frank Beebe considered the perfect falcon, first year male Gyrfalcons, by Chuck Susie.

Tom Cade

Tom Cade was a friend of mine, but we had not seen him since we watched sage grouse dancing on their leks on a Nature Conservancy property in Idaho over ten years ago. From the New York Times: Tom J. Cade, an ornithologist who was a leader of a remarkable effort that re-established the majestic …

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Resurrected — not too strong a word. Tiger Country is a logical extension of Querencia because my querencia is the country the old man called Tiger Country. And as Querencia symbolized the first part of my time here, so Tiger Country symbolizes the second. I hope you enjoy. The subject matter should be as eclectic …

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We’ve moved!

Every decade or so, technology requires us to lurch forward into modernity. After almost 14 years, on the Blogger platform, Steve Bodio’s Querencia has been moved to a new WordPress website that combines blogging and a home for Steve’s writing life. It’s taken some time to drag 4200 posts and their 12600 comments to the …

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