Creeps and Don Roberto

This painting is by Joseph Crawhall, a British artist who lived in Spain (in a brothel), stayed drunk, and died at 34. Nevertheless, he seemed to be a happy man. Of him, Don Roberto wrote : Although he spoke to no one, it was evident that he had seen not only every person in the …

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They Had Feathers, Damnit!

…was what I wanted to call my last article for Cornell’s Living Bird A new team at the magazine, all under forty as all such people are, had decided that they could eliminate some of the magazine’s perpetual debt by firing all the nature writers. Nature writers do not make enough to relieve any excess …

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Four Books

There of my friends have written good new books about the southwest recently. I hope to have more to say about them later; I thought you should at least know they existed. From Dennis Michael McCarthy, a novelist, biologist, and lawyer, comes the best treatment of Billy the Kid I’ve known in a long time. …

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Andrew Haslen

That I have Parkinson’s disease is infuriating, depressing, and sometimes impossible. That Andrew Haslen, the liveliest and most original portrayer of birds of prey in England, has it is a crime against nature. Here’s a sample of his work for a new edition of Game Hawk.

Teddy gets cancelled

One too many and you suddenly snap.. I have always considered the statue of TR outside the American Museum in New York to be part and parcel of the total Museum experience at my all time favorite museum- I mean , Teddy was among other things such a NEW YORKER. Even when I was a …

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Colt Officer’s model or clone, used, reasonable price I m am buying it for these:

Valerius Geist, RIP

Yesterday Alex Sharif emailed me news of the death of Valerius Geist. I had heard he was not well; but one’s own illness often blinds you to the troubles of others. His is a great loss. Nobody ever dominated the science of the great mammals like Val, especially on this continent, where a teen -aged …

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Separated at birth

Townes Van Zant and John Davila look like twins. I have thought so since I saw the “Pancho and Lefty” video, where the late songwriter makes a cameo appearance as a young federale The Gutierrez side of John’s family have been running around in this country since at LEAST 1692, when “we came up the …

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