Murder or Mercy Killing 3

The Nature Conservancy’s Matt Miller, is one of the most innovative writers around. His book  Fishing Through the Apocolypse  includes tales of fishing for minnows,. Here he says everything I wanted to say, and more : “I have a similar feelings. My dad, almost 80, has been in disbelief and perhaps mourning. He has read …

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Murder or Mercy Killing 2

I have heard only from Tom MacIntyre and Dave Petzal so far but I have been firmly corrected. Not on my central thesis- that something historically important has happened, and nobody is paying attention—- but  on the specific and real facts of the matter, which my memory had totally screwed up. What is more, I  …

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Steve Wright R.I.P.

Steve Wright was my friend, and one of the most contrary people I ever knew. He was born in Georgia, a self – described””Redneck” from a respectable background, a tattooed biker who rode a Harley and dipped snuff. He was also a confirmed Socialist politically (the only other hillbilly socialist I know is the musician …

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Republicans and Trotskyites

Huntingtons in China:: Trum (Bishop D Trumbull Huntington ); Jane ; Mary, Virginia (seated) jonathan ("Trummie" ; : Betsy (on the floor)

No Afghans, no masks, no vaccines? This is what my lifelong if sometimes eye-rolling and irritated

Murder, Mercy Killing, or Suicide??

Last month, two of the most important outdoor magazines ever, Outdoor Life and Field and Stream ceased to exist. They might hang around in some electronic form or other for a while, but make no mistake; they are gone. They covered the outdoor scene for seventy-five years or more, with Field and Stream doing the …

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I love these strange flocks — they are like another level of organization altogether.


A horrified Lucas Machias sent me this link and several other sources confirmed it : A band of chimpanzees in a reserve had killed and eaten two young gorillas. Lucas was as horrified as the writers, who stressed that this had never happened before. I am more cynical, as I suspect other people who have …

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Tim’s Excellent Adventure

In 2010 Tim Gallagher went to Mexico to investigate the plight of the Imperial woodpecker. Various border hands I knew, like Chuck Bowden and J P S Brown (who had owned a ranch in the Sierra Madre) warned us that it might be a very dangerous trip. Tim went anyway, and encountered ecological devastation and …

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Favorite conservative: : Michael Oakeshotte Favorite Bolshevik: Leon Trotsky Favorite Anarchist: Prince Pyotr Kropotkin