A Note from Tiger Country plus squatch and big peckers

https://youtu.be/pFD7IgW8PpE Steve and gang have been amused by this video*. I haven’t looked at it but, sadly, I can relate. Thirty years ago, I had a phase where I was hopeful for its existence. Something to be excited over in a world where the biosphere is shrinking in a mass extinction. Like the British, with …

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Striper Hipsters

Striper hipsters ca 1955 , Wellfleet, Mass; Charley DeFeo, Joe Bodio   Open in a new tab to embiggen.

The Power of the Dog movie

Trailer The Power of the Dog review source “The Power of the Dog, directed by Jane Campion (in select theaters November 17 and on Netflix December 1) After 12 years, Campion has returned to cinema, making what is maybe the most exciting TIFF film, and one that’s sure to get a lot of awards attention. An …

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Coursing Video If you have facebook this is a pretty good coursing video. The weird thing is that the video shows on facebook but the link to it goes to an unrelated music video. Three greyhounds and a hare. No context info that I could see, like where, etc. It looks like the US but …

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RIP Irbis

LIbby here. We lost our beautiful Irbis two weeks ago. He was suffering from some neurological affliction in his back and could no longer stand or walk, and had stopped eating. He was by far the shiest of all our dogs — he broke a rear leg very badly when he was ust eleven months …

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… and how many is that!

Source “Cold front moving through right now Sept 20—but that’s not rain on the radar. Those are Monarch butterflies, riding the front south on their annual migration.”

Baby Crows

A super cute nest of baby crows. I have been feeding multiple generations for years now. I think it is the same family line that nests in the yard. I always get a laugh out of them. The great thing about corvids is that the lights are on and somebody is home. There has been …

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HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT I love these kind of bio quest stories. The blog is a good one on west coast BC nature, hikes, etc.

First Day of Fall

A park site pic The Aspy valley in Northern Cape Breton in a few weeks. I was at this spot in the spring, a few years ago. It would be good to be there now. Source ​There are some good moose up there. This is one from this month. Forty years ago budworm set back …

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Who? What?

  Snap! Richards memes are everywhere now but they are good for a laugh. Fifteen years ago, a buddy saw a concert and was very impressed with Jagger’s vitality at his age. Richards, however, “was the resuscitated corpse I expected.”  I laughed and it was well before the flood of memes, lately. Of  course, this …

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