Baby Crows

A super cute nest of baby crows.

I have been feeding multiple generations for years now. I think it is the same family line that nests in the yard. I always get a laugh out of them. The great thing about corvids is that the lights are on and somebody is home. There has been a lot of work done on their intelligence I have sent Steve over the years. They even have a concept of zero.

I collected sporting books years ago and I was surprised that one bookseller had so many books on corvids. I asked and he said it was a big interest area. I joined a corvid group a few years ago. It had a few 1000 members at the time. Now it is six figures . People are into corvids like I never knew.

Canuck the crow gets international notoriety for stealing knife from crime scene

This guy became famous.


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  1. Had a pair of baby crows when I was a kid. They were noisy and they pooped a lot. Now I characterize some people as being like baby crows, all mouth and asshole…. So don’t be a baby crow!

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