Fundy Falcons


“Looking for lunch …… Going for it ……. Missed! Peregrine at Grand Pre Guzzle , 8/9/2021. ”

This time of year, the sandpipers arrive in the tens of thousands to feed in the upper bay. The falcons come for the pipers. It is quite a show and bird photographers come, too.

Another comment on it from Facebook

“One of at least two Peregrine Falcons at Pond Cove, Brier Island yesterday.  There were a number of inter-species interactions going on at the same time with the Peregrines chasing the Harriers, Harriers chasing Peregrines, Merlins chasing shorebirds, gulls chasing eagles and a number of distant raptors cruising the thermals.  September 11, 2021”

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