It is not the size of the dog in the fight… is the size of the fight in the dog. This is played for laughs but it brings up a real problem. The closer the dog is to the bear, the more likely the bear will chase the dog back to the owner, when the dog chickens out. It reminds me of when my salmon …

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Local First Nations Song

Heard it on the radio yesterday. Very haunting. Yo-Yo Ma brings haunting Mi’kmaw anthem to new audience  

The Wants, etc

  10 GA. V13 DARNE SXS SHOTGUN. Cal. 10 Ga., 2 7/8″. S# 17201. Bbls. 29 1/4″ mono bloc, has V series top bbl. bolt & fitted w/ narrow matted game rib. Bbl. flats stamped w/ French Nitro proofs & 3 Darne punches (V13) & marked for 65mm chambers. Also present are 2 stamps “HORS” …

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Speaking of Sci Fi….

Gun-toting robo-dogs look like a dystopian nightmare. Check out the creepy video. Does he fetch, too?

Sci Fi

A-defense-of-genre-literature I read Steve’s sci-fi discussion above when it came in by email. It reminded me of Steve’s interest in H._P._Lovecraft and the recent Jupiter pic above. My first thought was it was the Lair of Cthulhu, as did someone else. I saw these notes on Green Slugs and Green Slugs 2.0 earlier and it brought this …

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A good update on homo erectus.

A good update on homo erectus. Erectus seems to be getting some love now. It is being talked about here like it is more human than the subhuman apeman, orc, or troll fantasies seen in popular culture. I remember Valerius Geist saying its first impulse would be to eat you. What evidence he had for …

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I was going to get the Ivorybill  note from  Tim Gallagher in  fast enough to post this cartoon, but Searun beat me to it!  I will try to catch up today..    

A Defense of “Genre “Literature

This started in a conversation with Chilton Williamson, late of National Review and  Chronicles  and now independent and writing a monster novel  in Laramie. It  spread to Bronwen Fullington, who attended a world science fiction convention when we were young and briefly married. The it transferred to Chas Clifton, expert in snake bites and  cougar …

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“World Class Bird”

In Kazakhstan, when nature photographer  Oleg Belyalov finally decided that we were serious naturalists, he wanted  to make sure we saw the best birds. We had been out for a long day, so he took us to one of the clear little trout streams that flow through Almaty, where, in a bush on the bank, …

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