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I read Steve’s sci-fi discussion above when it came in by email. It reminded me of Steve’s interest in H._P._Lovecraft and the recent Jupiter pic above. My first thought was it was the Lair of Cthulhu, as did someone else.

I saw these notes on Green Slugs and Green Slugs 2.0 earlier and it brought this to mind.


In the book, humans were engineered with choloroplasts to give them an extra energy source. I thought, right, it is just sci fi but as the articles suggest, if slugs are doing this, what else is possible.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Not much new here but it is a plausible reason why biologic extraterrestrials are not walking around. With a 500 million year old functioning ecosytem, if they wanted Earth, they had lots of time to drop in. The machines likely haven’t because we are just not interesting.

Then again, maybe, some did. LOL

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  1. Oh me of little faith! I like your taste in SF and fantasy, Lucas. Between you and Tommy Mac, not to mention Reid (and CHAS!) I should have known that you all would cover the ground.

    i guess that would be what to expect of a group weird enough to have grown up reading Ivan T Sanderson before his wife Marion L Fawcett (“Myth , Legend, and Folklore”) drove him nuts..

    I must post something about that..

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