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Cal. 10 Ga., 2 7/8″. S# 17201. Bbls. 29 1/4″ mono bloc, has V series top bbl. bolt & fitted w/ narrow matted game rib. Bbl. flats stamped w/ French Nitro proofs & 3 Darne punches (V13) & marked for 65mm chambers. Also present are 2 stamps “HORS” “CONCOURS”. Bottoms of bbls. stamped w/ steel type, provisional proofs, etc. A sling loop is soldered to bottom rib. Sliding breech action w/out obterator disks features toggling slide safety. Action engraved w/ near full coverage sm. scroll w/ rose bouquet highlights. Fences are deeply relief carved in attractive holly leaf & berry motif. “DARNE” is in oval poincon on opening lever. Stocks are 2 piece (post 1905). Buttstock appears to be of maple & is an obvious replacement which is fitted w/ Pachmayr White Line pad. Front portion w/ inlet horn tip is of relatively plain European walnut & has fairly fancy checkering pattern. MEASUREMENTS: BARRELS: bore diameter: right .758″, left .758″. Restriction: right .014″ (Mod), left .035″ (Full). Min. Wall Thickness: right .042″, left .042″, STOCKS: DAC: 2 3/16″. DAH: 3″. WEIGHT: 7 lbs., 8 oz. CONDITION: fair to good. Bbls. retaining most of their original blue w/ scattered freckling overall. Action w/ about 30% original case hardening color where protected, the balance silver gray turning brown at rear. Replaced buttstock w/ oil finish. Original forestock is heavily worn w/ perhaps traces of finish. Shiny bores. Mechanically good. (21-1919/MGM). CURIO. $1,000-2,000.

This gave me a huge case of the wants.

Do I need it?

Is it practical?

Hell no but it is the first 10 bore Darne I have seen. The metalwork looks wonderful. Check out those fences! It probably needs 10- 20k to recondition it. A new stock, bluing maybe, case hardening, and likely lots of surprise expense but it would be a sweet looking 10. It would be fun to try it on grouse or turkeys. I would even think about it on deer with custom loads just to experience it. Sights would be an issue for that but it you are real close, maybe.  I am too old to chase such fantasies but for someone it would be a nice project gun.

Socrates said the wanting is what drives us crazy and what do the Buddhists say about desire polluting the soul? I try to follow their advice but there is always something to break my resolute.

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I have never seen this design before. Everything seems to have been tried, at least, once. Not sure of the make but seems French.
Now look at that!
The strangest gun which came into the workshop for nearly forty years now.
Being strange had to be French.
It came with a broken hammer which we fixed and having taken it apart still cannot fully understand its works.
Two things however are obvious. The first it’s quality and second ,that it would have been an absolute nightmare to do such machining as you can probably appreciate from the pictures.
I wonder how one would describe such Action. A swinging breech perhaps?

Knives out of wood.

The sharpest knives available are made of either steel or ceramic, both of which are man-made materials that must be forged in furnaces under extreme temperatures. Now, researchers have developed a potentially more sustainable way to make sharp knives: using hardened wood. The method, presented October 20th in the journal Matter, makes wood 23 times harder, and a knife made from the material is nearly three times sharper than a stainless-steel dinner table knife.
What is next ? Gun barrels out of wood? LOL

I never would have guessed herons did this. They are so slow and ponderous in the air. They don’t seem built for this, however, they are full of surprises. One choked down a muskrat near here recently.


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